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Wróblewski-Salvez W-I / W-II / W-III / W-IV
W-II & W-III 1911-12
In 1911 Piotr Wróblewski-Salvez built in France in Berthaud factory at Ambrieu near Lyon a monoplane aircraft with partially metal construction (of fuselage) which made numerous successful flights (piloted by designer's brother Gabriel Wróblewski-Salvez); one year later it was heavily modified and in July 1912 it made some flights with passengers, one of which was then-12-years old Antoine de Saint-Exupéry for whom it was his first flight.
W-IV 1913-15
Later Wróblewski-Salvez brothers built an improved design but during one of the test flights in 1914 it crashed, killing both brothers.

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