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Whitehead / Weisskopf 1911
Gustav Whitehead with his daughter Rose
A single place multi-rotor type consisting of an open, tubular framework, carrying two rows of 6' lifting screws on either side of the central frame.
Probably the vehicle was powered with Whitehead's own engine, fuelled by acetylene.
Whitehead is claimed to have achieved powered flight with this monoplane at Fairfield, Connecticut on August 14, 1901 – more than two years before the Wright brothers’ first flight at Kitty Hawk. In 1968 the state of Connecticut officially recognized Whitehead as the “Father of Connecticut Aviation”.

In the Fairfield field, Gustave Whitehead, taking control of an aircraft of his own design, a 21-horsepower monoplane-type model with 12 horsepower, managed to fly over no less than 850 meters at an altitude of about 15 meters, in the presence of a few witnesses, including a journalist.


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