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Wallbro Monoplane 

All-British aeroplane constructed by brothers Percy Valentine & Horace Samuel Wallis in the shed at the rear of their parents’ house in Cambridge with ‘offices’ of the Wallbro Aeroplane Co. in their bedroom overlooking the rear garden. By May 1910, it was complete and was put on display to the public. On July 4, 1910, the brothers made their first tentative ‘hop’ near Abington, where the machine had been brought to be housed. A complete and detailed description of the craft can be found in the Thursday, May 12, 1910 edition of the Cambridge Daily News.
The brothers were strong believers in the strength of steel tubing. The fuselage used mainly one-inch diameter tube of 20 gauge, arranged on the girder principle, strongly braced with steel wire. The cross tubing were double bolted onto steel lugs similar to those used in motor cycle construction. The wire stays were attached to eyebolts passing through these lugs. Tightening of the wires was accomplished by means of bronze tensioning screws, which have right and left-hand screw threads. These ideas together with a multitude of others succeeded in producing a machine, which was both light and very strong. The fuselage was twenty-five feet long with a wing span of thirty feet. The undercarriage was also of tubular design but used heavier gauge tubing.

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