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Waterman-Boeing C
Waterman-Boeing C on floats
The 1924 Waterman-Boeing C were modified surplus USN floatplanes for passenger operations. Waterman was able, through craft, to buy six Model Cs for $200 each (USN cost $10,250 each, and selling nationally in lake areas for $2,000 each) for use a basis for his Big Bear (CA resort) Airlines.
The five place Waterman-Boeing C was later converted to wheels and Renault engine, expanded foup place front cockpit, internal gas tanks relocated under the top wing, and enlarged tailskid.
Waterman-Boeing C on wheels
One plane is seen in the 1926 film, "Mantrap," in which Waterman also played a bit part, and two were destroyed in filming "Dawn Patrol" as the ones that crash on take-off during a raid on the German aerodrome.

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