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Waterman W-1 / Flex-Wing / CLM Special / Variable Wing Monoplane
Waterman Flex-Wing NX169W
The Flex-Wing aka CLM Special and Variable Wing Monoplane of 1930 was a four place monoplane powered by a 125hp Kinner, and registered NX169W.
Waterman Flex-Wing NX169W
Flexible wings hinged at the fuselage allowed the pilot to vary dihedral and angle of attack for controlled performances. Struts contained shock absorbers with air pressure supplied by compressed air tanks fed by the motor. Also had a 6' central skid acting as an arresting gear after landing.
Only the one was built, becoming the W-1.
The 1931 W-1 (NC169W) and W-1 Special (NC172M) (ATC 2-325) was a continuation of the Flex-Wing experiments; nicknamed "Rubber Duck." The W-1s feaured ddjustable-incidence and -dihedral wings with shock-absorbing struts.Lack of funding canceled the project after the two.
Flex-Wing / CLM Special / Variable Wing Monoplane
Engine: Kinner, 125 hp
Seats: 4
W-1 / W-1 Special
Engine: Kinner C-5, 210 hp
Wingspan: 39'0"
Length: 27'2"
Useful load: 1164 lb
Max speed: 135 mph
Cruise speed: 110 mph
Stall: 48 mph
Range: 600 mi
Seats: 4

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