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Watkins Aircraft SL-1 / SL-2 Skylark
Watkins SL-1 NX470E
The 1929 SL-1 was designed by Wallace "Chet" Cummings featuring a laminated plywood-clad, steel-tube, monocoque fuselage. Originally tried with 55hp Velie M-5, the price was $2,950.
The one prototype, NX470E c/n 1, received ATC 2-182 and at least five production models were as built as SL-2:
NC102V c/n 102, N460W c/n 106, N461W c/n 103, NC487N c/n 101, NC11950 c/n 105, maybe c/n 104.
Watkins SL-1 NX470E
The sport design failed to make it in a slumping market.
SL-2 Skylark
Engine: 60hp LeBlond 5D
Wingspan: 37'0"
Length: 23'6"
Useful load: 517 lb
Max speed: 103 mph
Cruise speed: 80 mph
Stall: 38 mph
Sats: 2

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