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Walden III
Walden III with Henry Walden, c.1910
The Walden III had vane-like fins over the wingtips for "lateral balance". Powered by a 25hp Anzani pusher engine, the single seater rose a few feet off the ground and travelled just over 10 yards before the plane's one-gallon gas tank ran dry, becoming the first American monoplane to fly. However, this flight was discounted because of its brevity.
On August 3, 1910, with a 10-gallon tank installed, he tried again and became airborne for about 10 yards at a few feet altitude, albeit still brief, flight that ended in a crash beyond economic repair, breaking several ribs and fracturing his collarbone. This epic flight made headlines in a NYC newspaper and the record book.


Reportedly III and IV went to Dyott when the partnership broke up in 1911 and were sold in South America; Walden retained the hangar and inventory.
There were claims of 6 more IIIs under construction, but if they were ever completed, flown, or sold is unknown.
Walden III with Henry Walden, c.1910

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