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Walden I
Walden II
Walden II
The 1909 Walden I and Walden II were described as looking like two biplanes with an open-framework fuselage connecting them. The Walden I was scrapped after proving to be too underpowered to fly, so II was built with 25hp Anzani pusher. It, too, failed to get airborne.
Dr W. H. Walden tested this machine at Morris Park in Bronx in the autumn of 1909. A unique feature was the automatically stabilizing lateral control. It was operated by the weight of the engine, which was suspended as a pendulum and operated control surfaces on the wing tips via wires.
Walden II
The machine was destroyed in November or December. It was stored outdoors and was overturned by the wind, reducing it to "a mass of stick and wires".



Engine: 15hp auto
Wing span: 26'0"
Length: 20'0"
Seats: 1
Engine. 25hp Anzani
Wing span: 30'0"
Length: 20'0"

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