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Wagner Twin 2
Wagner 2 NX932A
In the Twin 2 of 1952 Harold A Wagner continued the hybrid idea was in a Piper PA-22 with two 125hp Lycomings O-290-D mounted side-by-side. This one took three weeks to fabricate. In both the 1 and 2 overlapping prop clearance came from a 4.75" spacer on the left motor's propeller shaft.
Wagner's goal was twin safety and performance with four passengers for less than a projected $9,000 selling price, and on only 12gph fuel consumption.
First flying 0n 8 February 1952, the one built, NX932A, was modified back to its original configuration after 100hrs of flight testing when Wagner encountered more CAA paperwork and red tape than he felt approval was worth.
Max speed: 160 mph
Cruis speed: 135 mph
Stall: 45 mph

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