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Wagner Twin 1
Wagner Twin 1 NX1334N

In 1951 Harold A Wagner built a 1946 Piper J-3C and 1947 PA-11 fuselages mounted side-by-side for twin performance. Built in five days, despite having unequal motors and props (42" wood and 45" metal), it demonstrated negligible balance problems, the motors were later matched as 85hp with metal props. The overlapping prop clearance came from a 4.75" spacer on the left motor's propeller shaft. Flown from the right fuselage only, the added horsepower would in theory support four passengers, but the increased wing loading in reality wouldn't.
First flown on 6 December 1951, it had STOL take-off, 1500fpm climb rate and would take-off and fly on one motor. The one built, NX1334N, was dismantled after 150hrs of flight.
Engines: 65hp Continental C-65 and 85hp C-85
Cruise speed: 120 mph
Cruise speed: 110 mph

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