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Waco 5 / Weaver 5
The Waco team continued to assemble airplanes from parts salvaged from surplus World War I Curtiss Jennys, continuously tinkering with their designs and making improvements.
The 1921 Weaver 5 three place open cockpit biplane used many Curtiss JN-4 parts with new interchangeable wing panels and powered by a 90 hp (67 kW) Curtiss OX-5.
Eventually, they sold two WACO 5 biplanes, conversions of JN-4C Canucks, two with 150hp Hisso A engines. Selling for $1,500-2,000, the final one was built at Advance Co in 1923.
Engine: 90h Curtiss OX-5
Wingspan: 37'0" / 33'0"
Length: 25'3" / 23'0"
Useul load: 750 lb
Max speed: 80 mph
Stall: 30 mph
Seats: 3

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