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Wright Bros Flyer II

In 1904 the Wrights built their second Flyer on which they started to learn the unknown and difficult art of properly controlling a powered plane in the air. This aircraft was similar to the Flyer I, but had a new Wright engine of 15‑20 horsepower and new propellers. First flown on 23 May 1904 near Dayton, at the Huffman Prairie, and with it the brothers made over 80 brief flights, including, on September 20, 1904, their first circle in the air. The Wrights in this season, also introduced their catapult launching technique.
By the end of 1905, both brothers had made flights of more than 30 minutes, circling at very low altitudes.
With the new machine the Wrights flew for a total of 45 minutes in 105 flights, includ­ing two of five minutes and the memorable achievement of the first complete circle around the 68‑acre Huffman Prairie at Simms Station, eight miles from Dayton. For the first time they used the take‑off accelerator with weight and derrick.



Wing span: 40 ft 4 in
Length: 21 ft 1 in
Wing area: 510 sq.ft
Flying wt approx: 915 lb
No of flights: 105
Longest flight: 5 min 4 sec / 2.75 mile
Total flying time: 45 min 5 sec
First flight: 23 May 1904








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