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Wren Aircraft Wren 460

In the late 1950s Jim Robertson designed the Skyshark featuring many STOL features. The best of these features was then applied to the Cessna 182G/H airframe to produce the Wren 460. These featured full span, double slotted flaps, moveable spoilers on the upper surface of each wing (called Wren’s teeth) to assist in roll control and a moveable high lift canard wing.
The Wren 460 first flew in 1958, and the 460 Beta STOL in 1968.
In August 1964 it was reported the Wren was building an initial production fleet of 10 Wren 460 STOL, two monthly. A second fleet of 40 was scheduled.
There were reported 34 conversions to Wren 460.
Engine: 260 hp
Wingspan: 36'7"
Length: 28'1"
Max speed: 170 mph
Cruise speed: 151 mph
Stall: 31 mph
Range: 1150 mi
TO & Ldg dist: 300'

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