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Wood CF-4 Four-Runner

Four-Runner is an original design based on the squarish but fast Witt­man Tailwind and Thorp T-18. A four-place cabin, high-wing monoplane, the fuselage and tail are 4130 steel tubing, fabric-covered. Wings, flaps and ailerons are pop-riveted aluminum. Gear legs are from a Cessna 170B.
Built in 1974, the registration is N73CW.
Engine: IO-360 AlA, 180-hp
Wingspan: 25’3”
Gross Wt: 2250 lb
Empty Wt: 1250 lb
Fuel capacity: 50 USG
Top speed: 175 mph
Cruise: 155 mph
Stall (clean) 56 mph
Climb rate 1100 fpm
Range 1000 sm

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