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Winstead Special

A one‑off, the Winstead Special was built by Carl Winstead in 1926, and flown in the Flying Aces Air Circus in the late 1920s. It was a hybrid with a Travel Air fuselage and Swallow wings used for sport racing competition as N2297, piloted by J J Davis. The fuselage is believed to be the steel tube fuselage Walter Beech and Lloyd Stearman built while working for Swallow, but their idea of steel tubing was shot down by Jake Moellendick, president of Swallow at that time. The fuselage was set aside, then sold.
Carl flew it with the Flying Aces Air Circus, Jessie Woods walked its wings. Carl also raced it and barnstormed with it. The next owners, the Marvin Mara family, used it for racing and barnstorming. It changed hands several times until the Davis Family of Ary NB purchased it in 1935 and took it apart for a rework in 1937. It was never reassembled until the remains were found c.1975 in storage and purchased by Paul Dougherty Jr in 1994.
The aircraft was still flying at the Golden Age Air Museum in Bethel, PA, in 2018.

Courtesy David Eckert, Golden Age Air Museum


Engine: Curtiss OX-5, 90h
Wingspan 29'6"
Length: 23'0"
Empty weight: 1281 lb
Gross weight: 1800 lb
Seats: 3





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