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Williams WACO RTO


An 80% scaled replica version of the Waco ATO. Bud Williams began construction in May 1983.
The four wing panels are identical but required 48 ribs built during 1983. Each panel contains 12 truss type spruce ribs, and the 6 foot centre section has nine constant chord ribs. The wings retain the original M-6 profile. The chord of the centre section ribs is 4 ft 1.5 in, and outboard ribs 2 ft 10.5 in. The spars are solid planks, the forward being 5 x 11/8 in and the rear spar 4 x 1 inch. The four ailerons each have six ribs and are equal span and chord. The wings are braced with dual straight 4130 steel outboard struts and N centre section struts, and streamlined stainless steel wires. The fuselage and tail components are welded 4130 with wood formers and stringers in the fuselage and wood fairings at the fin and stabiliser roots.
The tail spans 8 ft 10 in and rudder stands 3 ft 3 in. Rudder and aileron are cable controlled and the elevator through torque tubes. The main undercarriage is a welded outrigger type with Cleveland brakes, and a 5 ft 2 in tread. A Scott 3200 tailwheel holds an 8 inch tyre.
The first flight was in August 1987. Total cost: approx US$15,000.

Engine: Warner Super Scarab, 165-175 hp
Prop: Aeromatic 85 in
Seats: 2
Empty wt: 1085 lb
Loaded wt: 1630 lb
Wingspan: upper 24 ft lower 22 ft
Length: 18 ft
Height: 7 ft 2 in
Fuel cap: 31 USG
ROC 2500 fpm @ 70 mph
Cruise 65%: 105 mph
Stall: 55 mph



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