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Westland Yeovil


The Yeovil day-bomber biplane design was commenced by Westland in 1923. The Yeovil was the first of the Westland post-war military designs, to an Air Ministry Specification, and was built specially to accommodate the biggest engine then available, the newly developed 650hp Rolls Royce Condor engine. Three machines in all were produced, numbered J.7508, J.7509 and J.7510, the first slightly differing from the others in undercarriage arrangement and the fairing of the wing tanks. The prototype was initially test-flown at Andover, in the summer of 1925, by Captain Frank Courtney, the development testing of the subsequent machines being in the hands of Major L. P. Openshaw.
Several other firms built prototypes to the same Specification and, although the Yeovil did not go into production the three examples built were used for research work.

Engine: 1 x 650hp Rolls Royce Condor
Max take-off weight: 3567 kg / 7864 lb
Empty weight: 2113 kg / 4658 lb
Wingspan: 18.13 m / 60 ft 6 in
Length: 11.22 m / 37 ft 10 in
Height: 4.34 m / 14 ft 3 in
Wing area: 74.13 sq.m / 797.93 sq ft
Max. speed: 193 km/h / 120 mph

Westland Yeovil



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