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Western Aircraft West Air 204 / 214



In 1984 Western Aircraft Company was manufacturing the newly designed West Air 214. The craft follows the successful flight testing and evaluation of the proof of concept aircraft, the West Air 204 N258, first flown in November 1982. The West Air 214's changes include a bubble windshield, swept vertical stabilizer, additional wing area and a redesigned fuselage. The 214 will have a tri-cycle retractable gear. The West Air will still retain its all composite construction of epoxy, graphite and tri-directional glass and four place seating.
Engine: Lycoming IO-360 200-hp.
Wingspan: 31 feet
Length: 26.75 feet
Gross weight: 2690 lb
Empty weight: 1410 lb
Fuel capacity: 70 USgallons
Top speed: 245 mph
Cruise speed: 215 mph
Stall speed: 59 mph
Seats: 4
Engine: Lycoming TIO-360-A1B
Wingspan: 29'0"
Length: 23'8"
Useful load 1166 lb
Max speed: 240 mph
Cruise speed: 180 mph





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