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West Australian Aircraft Co / WAACO Staggerbipe


Reverse Stagger winged biplane, single seater, VW powered, 145 kg empty, stressed to +9, — 6 G’s. For possible restricted aerobatics. Three axis controls via full span ailerons, large rudder and elevator. Taildrag-ger configuration. Fully enclosed cockpit can be made semi-open by removing both doors. Fuselage is constructed with square hollow aluminium tubing, riveted, epoxied, and co-vered with ceconite. A 2 stroke engine option is available.

Engine: VW 1300, 42 hp
Prop: 135cmx84cm pitch
Wingspan: 6.1m top, 5.5 m lower
Length: 4.4m
Fuel capacity: 31 lt
Weight: 150 kg
Cruise speed: 65-70 kt
Stall: 28 kt



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