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Welch Aircraft Falcon OW-5 / ACE Falcon

Welch OW-5M NC18261
Welch Aircraft Industries introduced the Falcon OW-5 in 1931, of which about 65 built, at South Bend, Indiana, between 1935-1940.
A two place high wing monoplane, the 1934 OW-5M with folding wings sold for $995. Thirty-eight were built; NC11382, NC13500, NC13511, NC18257/18261, NC18269/18271, NC18348, NC18378/18381, NC18394, NC18396, NC20402/20404, NC20452/20456, NC20459/20468, NC20488/20489, powered by a 40hp Continental A-40 or 45hp Welch O-2 under ATCs 636 and 637.
Prototype NC11382 was fitted with a 60hp Anzani as the ACE Falcon, later replaced by a 40hp Salmson, and one (NC13511) was fitted with a 40hp Rathel, later replaced by a 45hp Szekely.
ATC 2-474 was for a weight change for NC13500.
Wingspan: 34'5"
Length: 20'8"
Useful load: 410-435 lb
Max speed: 85 mph
Cruise speed: 75 mph
Stall: 30 mph
Range: 240 mi
ACE Falcon

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