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Weatherly Aviation W201



When the supply of Fairchild aircraft ran out, John Weatherly started to build the complete aircraft. Two model W201s were built in 1966/67, N86686 and M86687. Powered by a 450-hp R-985 Pratt & Whitney, these aircraft had an improved wing design with the span increased to 39 ft.
The 1970 production aircraft, the W201A, were built between 1968 and 1971. These can be identified by a triangular shaped fin and rudder. More than 100 were built at $22,800.
Weatherly 201A N2930W
The W201B model commenced production in 1971 and 45 aircraft were built at $31,500 in 1974.
Another version followed in 1975, the W201C, and this was the Weatherly that introduced the wingtip vanes which diffuse the normal formation of the wingtip vortex.The 201, 201A, and 201C models were under TC A10WE.
201 / 201A / 201C
Engines: P&W R-985, 450 hp
Wingspan: 39'6"
Length: 26'7"
Max TO wt: 4800 lb
Empty wt: 2580 lb
Equipped useful load: 2169 lb
Payload max fuel: 1769 lb
Hopper cap: 270 USG
Wing loading: 19.2 lb/sq.ft
Pwr loading: 10.6 lb/hp
Max speed: 128 mph
Cruise speed: 105 mph
Stall: 58 mph / 60 kt
Working speed: 95 kt
Working endurance: 3 hr
ROC: 980 fpm
Min field length: 1500 ft
Fuel cap: 400 lb
Seats: 1
Engine: P&W R-1340, 450hp
Wing span: 39'0"
Length: 26'7"
Useful load: 2260 lb
Max speed: 130 mph
Cruise speed: 108 mph
Stall: 53 mph
Seats: 1




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