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Watley Mayfly III


It is was the third full size aircraft Bill Watley has constructed since 1945.
The Mayfly 3 is a very large Biplane: each wing is 50 ft in span and height of 10ft. (approx).
The variable pitch propeller is made of blue foam and is 12 ft in diameter, turning at 100 RPM.
Bill Watley constructed the aircraft over a period of three years full time, working almost every day. It had taken at least 6000 hours. The structure is normal commercial pine and white polystyrene covered with Mylar. The cockpit frame for the pilot is commercial aluminium.
All parts of the aircraft were carefully drawn and the dimensions carefully adhered to.
A water level was used at alt times to ensure the diagonals were all correct
The Mayfly 3 did achieve flight in Kooralbyn, Australia, after a number of structural amendments, including a redesign of the undercarriage and wheel diameter.

Wingspan: 50 ft
Length: 26 ft
Propeller: blue foam 12 ft diameter



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