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Wassmer WA-50 / WA-51 Pacific / WA-52 Europa / WA-54 Atlantic


Wassmer started development of an all plastics lightplane in 1962 with the object of producing a comparatively cheap but durable and easily maintained type for ihe private owner. The WA-50 prototype flew in March 1966 as a four-seater powered by the 112-kW (150-hp) 0-320 engine. One of the first aircraft extensively constructed from glassfibre, production began in the form of the WA-51 Pacific with fixed tricycle landing gear and the 112-kW (150-hp) O-320-E2A engine, though a companion model was produced as the WA-52 Europa with the 119-kW (160-hp) IO-320-B1A driving a variable-pitch propeller. As these two initial models went out of production in 1973 the company introduced the WA-54 Atlantic with the 134-kW (180-hp) O-360-A engine, more baggage volume, revisions to the landing gear, and other modifications.
Wassmer went into liquidation in 1977, and by that time sales of the WA-50 series totalled 190 aircraft.



Wassmer WA-52 Europa



WA-54 Atlantic
four-seat touring lightplane
Powerplant: 1 x Avco Lycoming 0-360-A, 134kW (180 hp)
Span: 9.40m (30ft 10 in)
Length: 7.5m (24ft7.25in)
Max TO weight: 1130 kg (2,491 lb)
Max speed: 174mph at sea level
Operational range: 839 miles



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