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Wallace Aircraft B.330 Touroplane
American Eagle Aircraft Corporation Touroplane B

American Eagle 330

Transitional American Eagle B-330 NC209N

Designed by Stanley Wallace, the Touroplane B (ATC 119) featured folding wings.
Wallace Aircraft Co was formed 1928 at Chicago, Illinois, to manufacture the B.330 Touroplane, shown at Detroit Aero Show. The price being $4,885-5,795.
One prototype (NX4253) was built with an 80hp Anzani, subsequently 165hp Wright J-5 were used. Thirteen production aircraft were built (NC209N, NC211N, NC276K, NC566H, NC571H, NC580H, NC584H, NC590H, X/C6842, NC744K, C7740, NC7742, NC7987), of which two were powered with a 90hp OX-5 (NC7740, C7987) and one with a 150hp MacClatchie [C6842] as C-31.
Wallace Touroplane C-31 N6842
American Eagle Aircraft Corporation continued production of the Touroplane B from 1929 as the American Eagle 330.
Engine: 165hp Wright J-5
Wingspan: 37'0"
Length: 23'11"
Useful load: 780 lb
Max speed: 115 mph
Cruise speed: 100 mph
Stall: 43 mph
Range: 500 mi
Ceiling: 14,000'
Seats: 2-3







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