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Waco Classic Aircraft YMF

Waco Classic Aircraft YMF-5D


The 1934 model YMF was substantially redesigned with a longer and wider fuselage, larger rudder and other structural changes, and put into production in March 1986 by WACO Classic Aircraft of Lansing, Michigan as the YMF-5.
The YMF-5 new design was roughly based on the YMF, built by WACO Classic Aircraft. Waco Classic Aircraft revealed the YMF-5D model new build which introduced a more powerful Jacobs R755-A2 300 hp (225kW) enginein June 2009. A smaller 275 hp (205 kW) engine was an option. The aircraft is fitted with a new Garmin G600 glass avionics package.
1997 YMF-5C at Hancock County-Bar Harbor Airport, Maine
Deliveries were to be from October 2009, pending FAA certification.
2006 WACO Classic Aircraft YMF-F5C at Sun 'n Fun 2006
Over 100 YMF-5s were completed as of 2012 with new examples being built to specific orders.


1998 Waco F-5C
Base Price: US$245,000
Engine: Jacobs R-755-B2, 275 hp @ 2200 rpm
TBO: 1200 hr
Fuel type: 92 octane
Propeller: Sensenich fixed pitch
Max ramp weight: 3218 lb
Gross weight: 3218 lb
Landing weight: 3218 lb
Empty weight: 2250 lb
Useful load (lbs.): 968
Payload, full fuel: 680 lb
Usable fuel: 48 USgal
Optional fuel: 73 USgal
Wingspan: 30 ft
Overall length: 23 ft. 10 in
Height: 8 ft. 6 in
Power loading: 11.7 lbs./hp
Seating capacity: 3
Cabin width (in.): 46 in
Baggage capacity (s.):75 + 200  lb
Cruise speed 75% power @ 7,000 ft.: 92 kt  
Max range (w/ reserve) 75% power: 200  nm
Fuel consumption 75% power: 15 US gph
Estimated endurance (65% power w/1 hr reserve): 3.2 hr
Stall speed (flaps up): 52 kt



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