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The 1931 Waco Model C “QDC” four place cabin biplane marked the entry of Waco in the field of cabin aircraft to compete with such established manufacturers as Bellanca and Stinson. The ship was powered with a Continental 165 hp engine and equipped with a metal propeller, cowl ring, electric starter, dual controls, brakes and tail wheel. The control wheel is on a jointed column, so that the ship can be piloted from the right or left, and the rudder pedals are dual.
The QDC was slightly shorter that the UOC and was 500 lb lighter. WACO replaced the QDC in 1933 with its most successful cabin design, the UIC.
The four place ODC of 1931 was priced at $5,885, and was modified to QDC.
Waco ODC NX11250


Two 1931 PDC (ATC 2-388) were specially modified three seat cabin biplanes built on special order.


Engine: Kinner C-5, 210hp
Wingspan: 33'0"
Length: 24'9"
Useful load: 1033 lb
Max speed: 133 mph
Cruise speed: 117 mph
Stall: 49 mph
Engine: Jacobs LA-1, 170 hp
Seats: 3
1931 ATC 412
Engine: Continental A-70-2, 165 hp (123 kW)
Length OA: 23'2" (7.06m)
Span upper: 33'3" (10.13m)
Span lower: 28'2" (8.59m)
Empty weight: 1,530 lb (694 kg)
Max gross weight: 2,507 lb (1,137 kg)
Maximum load: 977 lb (443 kg)
Maximum speed: 116 mph (187 km/h)
Cruise speed: 105 mph
Range: 400 mi.
Stall: 48 mph
Seats: 4-5
Price: $5,985
37 built.










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