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Whittaker MW-7



The MW-7 is a scratch-built only, single seat, aerobatic microlight. Designed in 1986, the wing area was too small for the UK ultralight category. Construction is tube and fabric. The wings can be folded. Designed to meet British section PPL-A requirements in accordance with ARB paper 98 aerobatic requirements.
By 1998 ten examples had flown.
Plans were being sold be the Vintage Ultralight Association.


Engine: Rotax 503, 52 hp
HP range: 52-65
Length: 15 ft
Wing span: 22 ft
Wing area: 88 sq.ft
Empty weight: 320 lb
Gross weight: 600 lb
Fuel capacity: 5-10 USG
Vne: 110 mph
Cruise: 55 mph
Stall: 35 mph
Rate of climb: 800 fpm
Takeoff dist: 150 ft
Landing dist: 125 ft
Service ceiling: 15,000 ft
Seats: 1
Landing gear: tailwheel
LSA: yes


Engine: Rotax 503, 50 hp
Wing span: 6.70 m
Wing area: 8.20 sq.m
MAUW: 273 kg
Empty weight: 145 kg
Max speed: 185 kph
Cruise speed: 120 kph
Minimum speed: 65 kph
Climb rate: 5.1 m/s
Seats: 1
Plan price (1998): £60



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