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Designed by Charles Meyers, the Waco 10 was a larger span development of the Waco 9, both single-engined three-seat single-bay biplanes constructed around steel-tube frames. The wing covering was fabric, and both upper and lower planes carried ailerons, which were strut linked. The two passengers sat side by side in a cockpit under the upper wing and ahead of the pilot, who had a separate cockpit. It had a split-axle fixed undercarriage and a tailwheel. The main undercarriage was fitted with hydraulic shock absorbers, unusual at the time on a light aircraft. The fin could be trimmed on the ground to offset engine torque, and the tailplane could be trimmed in flight. Initially it was powered by a Curtiss OX-5 water-cooled 90° V-8 engine producing 90 hp (67 kW).

Its first flight was in 1927. The improved WACO Model 10 replaced the Nine in 1927, featuring a larger wing area, bigger cockpit, an adjustable stabilizer, and the first shock absorber landing gear built into a small aircraft. The WACO 10's performance was markedly enhanced and the aircraft was sold with several different engine options (OX-5, OXX-6, Hispano-Suiza and Wright J-5 Whirlwind).


Noted for quick and straightforward takeoffs, a speedy rate of climb and equally tolerable landing speeds, the WACO 10's performance soon made it the most popular small aircraft in the United States. By 1927, more than 40 percent of small aircraft sold in the country were WACOs, including 350 WACO 10s at a sticker price of $2,460 (with the OX-5 engine). The WACO 10's reputation extended to the air race circuit as well: an OX-5 engine-powered model won the 1927 New York to Spokane, Washington, transcontinental Air Derby (Class B) and a Wright J-5-powered WACO 10 won the National Air Tour the following year.


Advance Aircraft went on to manufacture the notable WACO Taperwing in 1928 and then, in 1929, the company officially renamed itself the WACO Aircraft Corporation to correspond with its line of aircraft.

Waco 10
A Taperwing was flown to victory in the 1928 National Air Derby by Johnny Livingston a well known aviator, WACO dealer, airline operator and daring air-racer of the day.
In 1928, after the Waco 10 had entered production, Waco changed its designation system so that the basic model 10, powered by a 90 hp (67 kW) Curtiss OX-5 engine became the GXE. The OX-5 was also used in the Waco 9, and this led to the confusing popular description of both aircraft as Waco 90, after the power.
Other engines were fitted experimentally, without unique designations, including Rausie, Siemans, and the 115 hp (86 kW) Milwaukee Tank engine (ATC 2-363) in 1931. This was an air-cooled version of the Curtiss OX-5, and was intended as an aircraft engine.


Later aircraft used a three-letter designation, the first denoting the engine, the second, S or T meaning Straight or Tapered wing and the final O indicating it belongs to the Waco O series for open cockpit. An -A suffix indicated an armed variant intended for export.
1929 Advance Aircraft Company Taperwing ATO
The Waco 10 turned out to have excellent handling, and there was a ready supply of war-surplus Curtiss engines. It was widely used for the popularisation of aeronautics through barnstorming and joyrides, and was also much used as a trainer and by small operators for charter flights.
The 1931 240-A was a single place armed export version of the CSO with a 240hp Continental W-670. Possibly only one was built.
Waco 240-A at Resende Airfield, south of Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, mid-1932


It was numerically the most important type to be built by Waco (ATC 13), with at least 1,623 built over a period of 7 years from 1927 to 1933 and was fitted with a very large variety of engines of radial and V configuration. The unit cost was $2,145 minus engine & prop. The total price was $2,460, $2,385 in 1928, and $3,145 in 1929.

1930 Waco ATO Taperwing
The Advance ASO or 10-W, and 220-T of 1927 (ATC 41) was also popularly known as "J-5 Straightwing," "Waco Sport," or "Whirlwind Waco." ATC 2-101 covered weight changes and ATC 2-102) for EDO floats.
The ATO aka 10-T Taperwing of 1928 (ATC 123) was designed by Charlie Meyers and first flew on 30 April 1929. The price was $8,325 and 54 were built. Sometimes popularly referred to as "Waco 220" for its horsepower.
Waco ATO N5673


The BSO (or BS-165) of 1929 operated under ATC 168 (and 2-262 for EDO twin-float modification) and about 45 were built, at $6,370.
Waco BSO NC8543 Prototype
Twenty-nine CSO / CS-225 was built in 1929 for $7,335 under ATC 240. Thirty military exports as CSO-A and 240-A were built in 1932.
Waco CSO NC673N


The 1929 CTO (or 225-TW) (ATC 257) was a taperwing CSO. Thirteen were built plus 22 military versions as CTO-A in 1932. ATC 2-378 was for two single place models with 240hp Wright R-760 engines and raked top wing with I-struts; NC21M and NC666N.
Waco CTO N515M


The Waco DSO / 10-H (ATC 42) of 1928 sold for $3,935 with the 150 hp Hisso A ($4,085 with Hisso E) and 62 were built. 2-ATC 245 was for the EDO float conversion.
Waco DSO NC605N


The 1930 HSO (ATC 333) was designed by A Francis Arcier (principal Waco designer from 1930-47). The one built, NX/NC4N, was priced at $7,500 and later modified as taperwing HTO NR4N.


The 1929 three-place JTO was powered by a 300hp Wright J-6. The one built, N13918, was refitted with a 365hp Wright R-975 in 1932 but only test-flown.


ATO Scale replica:
Williams WACO RTO
WACO Aircraft Company ATO
Klatt Screamin' Sasquatch / Jet Waco
Advance 10
Engine: OXX-6
Advance 10
Engine: Hisso A/E
Advance 10
Engine: Rausie
Advance 10
Engine: Siemens
Advance 10
Engine: Wrights J-4/J-5
Advance 10
Engine: 115hp Milwaukee Tank


10 / GXE / 90
Engine: 1 x Curtiss OX-5, 90 hp / 67 kW
Wingspan: 30 ft 7 in (9.32 m)
Airfoil: Aeromarine 2A
Length: 23 ft 6 in (7.16 m)
Height: 9 ft 0 in (2.74 m)
Empty weight: 1199 lb (545 kg)
Loaded weight: 2025 lb (920 kg)
Payload: 825 pounds (including pilot, fuel and oil) (374 kg)
Maximum speed: 97 mph (156 km/h)
Cruise speed: 84 mph (135 km/h)
Stall speed: 37 mph (60 km/h)
Range: 380 miles (610 km)
Rate of climb: 500 ft/min (2.54 m/s)
Crew: one
Capacity: two passengers
10-W / ASO / 220-T / J-5 Straightwing / Waco Sport / Whirlwind Waco
Waco 10 variant
Engine: 1 x Wright J-5, 220 hp / 164 kW
Wingspan: 30'7"
Length: 22'6"
Useful load: 900 lb
Max speed: 126 mph
Cruide speed: 108 mph
Stall: 40 mph
Range: 525 mi
Price 1927: $7,215
Price 1929: $7,335
Seats: 3
95 built


Taperwing variant of ASO
Engine: 1 x Wright J5-9, 220 hp / 164 kW
Wing span: 30 ft 3 in
Length: 22'6"
Useful load: 813 lb
Max speed: 130 mph
Cruise speed: 110 mph
Stall: 52 mph
Range: 700 mi
Seats: 3
54 built


Variant of ASO
45 built
BSO / BS-165
Engine: 1 x Wright R-540A, 165 hp / 123 kW
Wingspan: 30'7"
Length: 23'6"
Useful load: 956 lb
Max speed: 120 mph
Cruise speed: 100 mph
Stall: 44 mph
Range: 600 mi
Seats: 3
Engine: 1 x Wright R-540A, 165 hp / 123 kW
Wingspan: 30'7"
Length: 23'6"
CSO / C-225
Engine: 1 x Wright R-760 / J-6-7, 225 hp / 168 kW
Wingspan: 30'7"
Length: 22'6"
Useful load: 972 lb
Max speed: 128 mph
Cruise speed: 108 mph
Stall: 45 mph
Range: 540 mi
Seats: 3
59 built


Engine: 240hp Continental W-670
Seats: 1
Armament: 2 x .30 Browning
Engine: 1 x Wright J6-7 / R-760, 225 hp / 168 kW
Max speed: 144 mph
Cruise speed: 121 mph
Seats: 3
Taperwing variant of CSO
35 built
ATC 267
Engine: Wright J-6, 250 hp
Top speed: 138 mph
Cruise speed: 118 mph
Landing speed: 57 mph
Landing run: 360 ft
ROC: 1100 fpm
Service ceiling: 17,000 ft
Fuel consumption: 12 USG/hr
Fuel capacity: 66 USG
Oil capacity: 8 USG
Length: 22 ft 5 in
Height: 9 ft
Wing span: 30 ft 5 in
Empty weight: 1677 lb
MTOW: 2600 lb
Std price: $8525
Number sold: 51
Seats: 3


Engine: Hisso A, 150 hp
Wingspan: 30'7"
Length: 23'6"
Useful load: 896 lb
Max speed: 115 mph
Cruise speed: 100 mph
Stall: 44 mph
Range: 375 mi
Seats: 3
Engine: Hisso E, 180 hp
Wingspan: 30'7"
Length: 23'6"
Seats: 3


10-H / DSO
Engine: 1 x Hispano-Suiza 8A, 150 hp / 112 kW
10-H / DSO
Engine: 1 x Hispano-Suiza 8E, 180 hp / 134 kW
Engine: 1 x Packard DR-980 Diesel, 225 hp / 168 kW
Wingspan: 30'7"
Length: 22'4"
Useful load: 786 lb
Max speed: 128 mph
Cruise speed: 108 mph
Stall: 45 mph
Range: 490-585 mi
Seats: 3
Engine: 1 x Packard DR-980 Diesel, 225 hp / 168 kW
Modified from HSO
Wingspan: 30'7"
Length: 22'4"
Useful load: 786 lb
Max speed: 128 mph
Cruise speed: 108 mph
Stall: 45 mph
Range: 490-585 mi
Seats: 3
1 built


Engine: 1 x Wright R-975 / J-6-9, 300 hp / 225 kW
1 built
Engine: 1 x Wright R-975, 300 hp / 225 kW
U.S. Navy version of JTO for evaluation.
2 built
Engine: 1 x Kinner K-5, 100 hp / 75 kw
Engine: 1 x Kinner C-5, 210 hp / 157 kW
Engine: 1 x Jacobs LA-1, 140/170 hp / 125/140 kW
Engine: 1 x Continental A-70, 165 hp / 123 kW
Engine: 1 x Warner Scarab, 110 hp / 82 kW
Engine: 1 x Continental W-670, 240 hp / 179 kW
1 conversion of Waco 10



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