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Vultee BC-3 / 54 BT-13 / BT-15 Valiant / SNV


Following 1939 tests with the BC-3 variant with retractable landing gear and a 447-kW (600-hp) Pratt & Whitney R-1320-45 radial, the army opted for the lower-powered Model 54 with fixed landing gear. The initial contract called for 300 aircraft, and these BT-13s were followed by orders for no fewer than 6,407 BT-l3As and 1,125 BT-l3Bs with a 24- rather than 12-volt electrical system. Demand far outstripped engine supplies, however, and in 1941 the USAAF ordered the BT-15 variant with the 336-kW (450-hp) Wright R-975-11 radial, and production of this model totalled 1,693. US Navy procurement began with 1,350 SNV-ls equivalent to the BT-13A, and was completed by 650 SNV-2s equivalent to the BT-13B. The aircraft were retired soon after the war.


Circa 1950 of 3 Vultee BT-13s at Puente Sky Ranch

When production ceased in 1944, 11,537 had been built.

BT-13A Valiant
two-seat basic trainer
Span: 12.80m (42ft )
Length: 8.79m (28ft 10 in)
Powerplant: l x Pratt & Whitney R-984-AN-1, 336kW (450 hp)
Armament: none
Max TO weight: 2039 kg (4,496 lb)
Max speed: 180 mph at sea level
Operational range: 725 miles

Engine: Wright R-975-11, 336-kW (450-hp)



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