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Volmer VJ-24 SunFun




The VJ-24 is Volmer Jensen's hang glider design built from aluminum. This motorglider is constructed of aluminum tubing plus fabric, and originated as a foot-launched glider. SunFun is made from pop riveted aircraft aluminium with the wings leading edge formed in styrene foam. Covering is polyester aircraft fabric doped. Control is by aileron, elevator and rudder. A permanent seat is built into the hanger structure.
The VJ-24 was first flown in about 1975 and showed exellent controllability with a joystick. Plans were available from Volmer Aircraft for $100.00. Materials have been estimated at $2400, with a building time of 250 hours.

The VJ-24 uses pip pins and thumb screws to assemble in 10 minutes without tools.

Designated the VJ-24E, the Sunfun is essentially a simplified version of the Swingwing hang glider or powered hang glider. The wings are fabric-covered aluminum tube and are a rectangular-planform type braced by V struts. The two wheels are for ground handling only, so the Sunfun is foot­launched and foot-landed. A 10-hp engine and fuel tank are installed beneath the wing and behind the pilot so that takeoff can be performed without benefit of a steep hill. Wingspan is 36 feet 6 inches, and total weight is 110 pounds. The Volmer VJ‑24E Sunfun has a useful load of about 200 pounds, burns about 1.5USG per hour.
A minimum powered glider, the VJ-24W is a modified version of VJ-24E Sun Fun hang glider with wheeled landing gear, tractor engine, independent rudder control, manufactured by Airway Aircraft Inc., 905 AirwayAve., Glendale, CA 91201, USA.


Fairing behind pilot cuts drag. Independent three-axis controls. Construction is all metal with Dacron cover. Yamaha KT100 or McCulloch 101 engine. Two main wire wheels, tail skid undercarriage.
Wingspan: 36 ft
Wing chord: 4 ft 6 in
Wing area: 160 sq.ft
Empty weight: 110 lb
Speed range: 18-25 mph

Speed max: 40 mph
Cruise: 30 mph
Range: 30 sm
Stall: 17 mph
ROC: 350 fpm
Take-off dist: 100 ft
Landing dist: 100 ft
Engine: Yamaha, 15 hp
Fuel cap: 1.5 USG
Weight empty: 210 lbs
Gross: 410 lbs
Height: 5.75 ft
Length: 198.5 ft
Wing span: 36 ft
Wing area: 163 sq.ft
Seats: 1
Landing gear: tail wheel

VJ-24W Sun Fun
Wing span: 36.5 feet
Wing area: 163 square feet
Empty weight: 165 pounds
Max gross weight: 345
Engine: Yamaha KT-100, 97.6cc, 15 hp.
Reduction unit: 2,75:1
Prop: 57 in
Wingspan: 36 ft
Wing area: 160sq.ft
Aspect ratio: 8:1
Length 18’
Empty weight 200 lbs
Payload 200 lbs
Gross weight 400 lbs
Wing loading 2.5 lbs/sq.ft
L/D 10:1
Cruise speed 30mph
Stall speed 18mph
Vmax 40 mph
Takeoff run 100’
Landing roll 100’
Climb Rate 350 fpm
Fuel Capacity 1.5 USG


Chord length: 4.5 ft
Wing span: 36.5 ft
Wing area: 163 sq,ft
Aspect ratio: 6.75
Weight: 110 lb
Pilot weight: 160-200 lb
Takeoff speed: 13 mph
Stall speed: 15 mph
Max speed: 30 mph
Best glide ratio (L/D): 9.5
Best L/D speed: 17 mph
Min sink: 158 fpm






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