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Williams Texas-Temple Commercial-Wing N3801
In 1926 a prototype of the Commercial-Wing was designed by George Carroll and George Williams and built. A single place, open cockpit, high wing monoplane, it was powered by an 80hp (later 120hp) LeRhône rotary engine.
Designed by George Carroll and George Williams, four planes were made with the Wright engine (c/n 101 registration NC173, c/n 102 registration NC2506, c/n 104 registration NC5185, c/n 105 registration NC138N), one with a Hisso (c/n 103 - registration NC3801), and one with a 100 hp Curtis OXX-6. This later one could be a Sportsman or the NC6525 registration aircraft.
The 1927 Texas-Temple Commercial-Wing cost $10,500 with an inertia starter, brakes and metal prop.
The 1928 Speed-Wing carried 1 passenger and was a Commercial-Wing for carrying mail. It took a 500 lb payload over a 500-mile range. The plane cost $9,500. It was advertised as a 1 or 2 person sportplane. The first plane was powered by a 150 hp Hisso A engine and had a 39'4" wingspan. No registration found, but it could be the Commercial-Wing registration NC3801.
Continental Airways of Cincinnati used the Temple Company's Commercial-wing model almost exclusively. Other models followed, including the much-ballyhooed Sportsman. The Sportsman was touted by British aviation enthusiast Lady Mary Heath as "the best performing airplane its class today." Her endorsement might mean more to history if Lady Heath had ever met an airplane she didn't like. During her stay in America, she declared every plane she flew to be a marvel of aviation engineering.
A contract that might have saved the company - delivering air mail between Dallas and Fort Worth and San Antonio and Houston -- was awarded instead to Bowen Air Transport. Bowen then took over a hangar at Meacham Field in Fort Worth, a hangar Temple Aero had bought.
The Depression hit the aviation industry early and hard. Companies that had signed contracts with Texas Aero were hard-pressed to honour those contracts.
Operating exclusively out of Temple, Aero scaled back its operation to concentrate exclusively on production of the Sportsman model and the training of student pilots. Three 1929 Sport / Sportsman were built: prototype N480 c/n 1, N852H, and N987N c/n 107.
Engine: 220 hp Wright J-5
Wing span: 39'4"
Length: 25'10"
Useful load: 950 lb
Max speed: 130 mph
Cruise speed: 112 mph
Stall: 35 mph
Range: 550 mi
Ceiling: 18,500 ft
Seats: 2-3
Sport / Sportsman
Engine: Cirrus Mk III, 100hp
Seats: 2
Engine: Hisso A, 150hp
Wingspan: 39'4"
Useful load: 1055 lb
Payload: 500 lb
Max speed: 135 mph
Cruise speed: 120 mph
Stall: 42 mph
Range: 500 mi
Seats: 1-2








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