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Wiley Post Aircraft Model A
Straughn-Holmes A


Wiley Post Aircraft Corp was founded in Oklahoma City in 1935 to build Model A (ATC 561), cheap two-seat aircraft. Powered by a 40hp Straughn AL-1000 converted Model A Ford engine, the first example was built by Straughan Aircraft.
Originally price at $1,438, it was $1,692 in 1935.
Wiley Post acquired rights to Straughan assets 1935, and transferred production to Oklahoma City. Thirteen Model As built before company liquidated after Wiley Post's death.
Engine: 40hp Straughn AL-1000
Wingspan: 28'6"
Length: 19'9"
Useful load: 393 lb
Max speed: 82 mph
Cruise speed: 70 mph
Stall: 28 mph
Range: 110 mi

Seats: 2






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