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Trago Mills SAH.1 / Sprint
Orca Aircraft Ltd SAH-1
Lovaux / FLS Aerospace Sprint


Trago’s boss, supermarket entrepreneur Mike Roberts, claimed to have already spent £1•25 million since he brought in chief designer Sydney Holloway in 1977 to build a trainer aimed at reversing the fortunes of British light aviation.
Holloway started work on the SAH.1 in 1977, build-ing the aircraft in the living room of his home next to Bodmin airfield. Holloway’s wife Sheina did the drawings and put up with the mess. Holloway’s task was eased by the spon-taneous help given by several skilled experts including Frank Robertson (no relation to Mike Robertson), who took over responsibility for the aerodynamic and stress calculations.

Holloway went for a strong but simple metal airframe, with the emphasis on minimum maintenance and easy repair. Unproven materials have been avoided, and PVC foam has been used for skin stabilisation to prevent “oil-canning”. The ailerons are of the slot-ted Frise type, with differential action and external mass-balances. The slotted flaps, operated by means of a lever between the seats, incorporate built-in steps for easy entry.

With a 47 in cockpit, and a 14 cu.ft baggage bay behind the two folding and adjustable seats which can carry l00lb of baggage.

The SAH.1 can carry two l80 lb people and and two 12.5 Imp gal integral wing tanks full. It is cleared for aerobatics and spinning, and is stressed to +6g/-3g.

Orca Aircraft Ltd purchased the SAH-1 trainer from Trago Mills but went into administration in 1989. The SAH-1 became Sprint when purchased by Lovaux / FLS Aerospace. Lovaux Ltd was a subsidiary of FLS Aerospace for aircraft maintenance.

Powerplant: One 118 b.h.p. Avco Lycoming O-235-L2A
Prop: McCauley fixed-pitch, 5ft 6in diameter
Wing span: 30ft 8.4in
Length overall: 2lft 10.25in
Height: 7ft 7.5in
Cockpit length: 5ft
Cockpit width: 3ft 11.5in
Baggage volume: 14 cu.ft
Empty, equipped: 1,l00lb
Max take-off: 1,750lb
Max fuel load 25 Imp gal: 188 lb
Max wing loading: 14.581b/sq.ft
Never exceed: 164kt
Max level speed/sea level: 122kt
Cruise at 75% power/sea level: 110 kt
Service ceiling: 16,400ft
Take-off to 50ft (15 deg flap): 1,285ft
Range with 45mm reserve: 620 n.m.


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