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Tuscar H-70 / H-71
Tuscar H-70 NX20399
Designed by Thomas Hoff the H-70 two-place derivative of the Stearman-Hammond Y was a tailless (except for wingtip rudders), flying-wing with rudders mounted at the trailing edge and trailing-edge flap-type controllers, was originally built by Management & Research under a DoC program contract for lightplane development. Registered NX20399 and powered by a 95hp Menasco B-4 pusher engine, the one built did fly, although difficult to turn, but crashed in testing on 27 January 1938.
Tuscar H-71 NX20399
It was rebuilt by Tuscar as the H-71 and flown at Floyd Bennett Field for about 60 hours before crashing to finality in August 1945.
Tuscar H-71 NX20399

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