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The Vintage Aviator Ltd / TVAL Sopwith Pup
The Vintage Aviator has built a series of Sopwith Pup reproductions and their first example was ZK-PPY which was first registered on 9 May 2012 and is painted as N6205 of the RNAS from 1917.
The original N6205 was the mount of FSLT J. S. T. Fall in April/May 1917.  He named his aircraft "Betty" after his sister.  The above photo was taken at Masterton, New Zealand, on 12 Novembber 2011.
 ZK-PPY was originally named "Betty" on both the port and starboard sides.
Somewhere along the line the Fall family became aware of TVAL's Pup and contacted them to advise that J.S.T Fall had two sisters and he actually painted his other sister's name on the starboard side of the aircraft.  So TVAL changed it and it now bears the name "Phyllis" on the starboard side, as in the above photo taken at Masterton on 23 November 1917.

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