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Tremaine Humming Bird / Tremaine-Thaheld
Pacific J-30
Tremaine Humming Bird Dole Race entry
Designed by Frederic Thaheld three were built, all based on the German Junkers design.
One was Dole Race entry Spirit of John Rodgers, piloyed by George A Covell and Richard Waggener, possibly registered N1239. It had 645-gallon fuel tanks, and was originally designed for a non-stop Japan flight attempt. Lack of forward visibility was because it covered the forward fuselage and required installation of a periscope in the manner of Lindbergh's Spirit of St Louis. It crashed and was destroyed in fog at Point Loma enroute to Oakland from San Diego.
Another, also named Humming Bird, was a 1927 two place low wing monoplane sport plane with 120hp Super Rhône. The maximum speed was 130 mph, cruise of 105 mph, and stall of 35 mph.
The third with a Hisso engine was registered as a Pacific J-30 NX87N c/n 34.
The name bird was applied to a 1924 flivver-type, also designed by Thaheld, built in Tremaine's garage.
Engine: 225hp Wright J-5
Span: 48'0"
Length: 29'0"
Seats: 3

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