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Trella T-106 / T-107
Trella T-106 N450C
The 1949 Trella T-106 was a two place high wing cabin monoplane. All metal with twin tails on booms, the one built, N450C, was first flown in September 1949 by Paul Holst.
A highly-modified five place retractable gear twin version was planned in 1954 as T-107 never went past the mock-up stage because of funding problems.
Engine: 85hp Continental C-85-12J pusher
Span: 34'0"
Length: 21'9"
Useful load: 470 lb
Max speed: 112 mph
Cruise: 102 mph
Stall: 42 mph
Range:: 400 mi
Seats: 2

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