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Thomas TA / TA Hydro
Thomas TA Tractor
The Thomas TA was the second Thomas product. Fitted with four trailing-edge ailerons, and nacelle fuselage, early seaplane models had tubular wing floats.
At least two TA model were built, plus perhaps others built with varied motors of 65-90hp. The first was the 1910 model with exposed cockpit and interplane ailerons, which set an endurance record of four hours in 1912, piloted by Walter Johnson. One was tested as a single-float tractor version in 1912, but results were inconclusive.
The sole TA Tractor of 1912 had a partially-covered fuselage. It was probably a single-float conversion from a TA, but proved lacking in performance compared to the pusher.
The 1913 TA Hydro was the first all-metal hull in the USA.
Engine: 50-65hp Kirkham pusher
Seats: 2
TA Tractor
Engine: 50hp Kirkham
Wingspan: (upper) 37'0" (lower) 27'0"
Length: 27'0"
Speed: 58 mph
Seats: 2
TA Hydro
Engine: 90hp Austro-Diamler / 100hp Maximotor
Wingspan: 33'0"
Length: 23'0"
Seats: 1

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