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ULBI / Ultraleicht Bau International Wild Thing
Air-Light Wild Thing
The ULBI Wild Thing is a German ultralight aircraft, designed by R. Kurtz and produced by Ultraleicht Bau International (ULBI), of Hassfurt. The aircraft was supplied as a kit for amateur construction or as a complete ready-to-fly-aircraft.
Since 1997 the Wild Things have been built in WT 01 and WT 02 versions at the Aerodrome Hafurt (EDQT). Construction is of aluminum and the Wild Thing is suitable for training, towing, as well as for the relaxing.
The Wild Thing wings are foldable, and an engine option is a Hirth F 20.


In the 1990s the aircraft was marketed by Air-Max GmbH of Nuremberg, Germany.
The aircraft was introduced in 1996 and production ended when ULBI went out of business in 2014.
Stall: 30 kt / 35 mph / 56 kmh
Cruise: 76 kt / 87 mph / 140 kmh
VNE: 108 kt / 124 mph / 200 kmh

Engine: Jabiru, 80 hp
Wing span: 9.2 m
Wing area: 13.88 sq.m
MAUW: 450 kg
Empty weight: 273 kg
Fuel capacity: 2x40 lt
Max speed: 215 kph
Cruise speed: 160 kph
Minimum speed: 56 kph
Climb rate: 3 m/s
Fuel consumption: 10 lt/hr
Certification: Vz
Seats: 2
Price (1998): 69 500 DM



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