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Take Off Merlin
Merlin KX
Take Off made its name with BMW conversions on what was basically Drachenstudio Kecur trikes as the Merlin KX.
The 1998 version created by Wilfried Bloidiesel was the Merlin 1100 trike, made in Slovenia and powered by a BMW 1100 cc boxer. Equipped with an airfoil cooling systemand electronic injection, the engine is fitted with a catalyst.
Merlin 1100
The Take Off Merlin is a German ultralight trike, designed and produced by Take Off GmbH of Hamm. The aircraft is supplied as a complete ready-to-fly-aircraft.


Merlin KX
Empty weight: 190 kg
Wing span: 10.60 m
Wing area: 13.8 sq.m
Fuel capacity: 60 lt
Certification: Vz
Engine: BMW 1100, 63 hp
MAUW: 400 kg
Seats: 2
Max speed: 125 kph
Cruise speed: 70-100 kph
Minimum speed: 55 kph
Climb rate: 2.5 m/s
Fuel consumption: 8 lt/hr
Price (1998): 29 300 DM
Merlin 1100
Empty weight: 190 kg
Wing span: 10.5 m
Wing area: 15.2 sq.m
Fuel capacity: 60 lt
Engine: BMW 1100 RS, 90 hp
MAUW: 400 kg
Seats: 2
Max speed: 130 kph
Cruise speed: 70 kph
Minimum speed: 60 kph
Climb rate: 4 m/s
Fuel consumption: 6.5 lt/hr
Price (1998): 34 000 DM
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