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The birth of Taylorcraft came in early 1936 when city fathers offered C G Taylor the old Hess-Argo factory rent-free in order to encourage new industry. William C Young entered the picture as a partner in April 1937, and city support was dramatically demonstrated in late 1937 in the sale to townspeople of more than 35,000 shares of company stock for needed capital.
The Taylorcraft A represents the first model series of the line, and it is powered by the 40-horsepower Continental A40-4 engine, one of the first to use opposed cylinders. The engine came out in the early 1930s and was used on the Taylor Cub that later became the Piper Cub. The huge tachometer, oil temperature gauge, and oil pressure gauge were bought by Taylorcraft from the same supplier that sold the units to the Dodge car company, and relabeled. (They were used in the early Luscombes, too.) As the model numbers increased, so did the number of doors: one with the A, two with the B, and three with the 15A and 20.
The prototype, NX16393 c/n 25, was built by Taylor Aviation Co under (2-529) and subsequent planes by Taylor-Young Airplane Co under (ATC 643). Selling in 1936 for $1,495 and $1,595 in 1938. With company reorganization in 1938 it gained a "craft" and the Taylor-Young A became known and advertised as Taylorcraft A.
Taylorcraft production includes 100 prewar Model As, 1800 military L-2s, more than 2800 post-war BC-12Ds, and more than 120 F-19 Sportsmans.
A total of 606 were built. Prototype NX16393, NC15757-15763, NC15776, NC18301-18347, NC18349-18373, NC19000-19099, NC19600-19699, NC19800-19818, NC19821-19895.
Engine: 40hp Continental A-40
Wingspan: 36'0"
Length: 22'0"
Useful load: 420 lb
Max speed: 91 mph
Cruise speed: 80 mph
Stall: 32 mph
Range: 240 mi
Seats: 2
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