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Thomas-Morse MB-4



The Thomas-Morse MB-4 mail carrier of 1920 had a centerline tractor/pusher engine nacelle pod in the middle, and twin fuselages from surplus MB-3s on either side. The bad characteristics included one fuselage tended to take off before the other, no communication between cockpits, and excessive motor vibration.
One went to the USPO but was never used in service and scrapped in 1921. Three went to the US Army (AS64306, AS64373 and AS64374); the first one to McCook Field as P-172.
Engine: 2 x Wright-Hisso H, 300hp
Wingspan: 45'6"
Length: 25'5"
Useful load: 2010 lb
Max speed: 140 mph
Cruise: 122 mph
Single-engine cruise: 100 mph
Range: 600 mi
Seats: 2


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