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Towle WC / TA-1
Towle WC NX7956
Thomas Towle was an engineer who had been involved with many early aircraft designs. Having just co-designed the Eastman E2 Sea Rover, Towle was commissioned by Henry McCarroll to promote Detroit's aviation production capabilities.
The 1928 Towle WC was built for businessman H G McCarroll and USN Lt George Pond by a group of Detroit engineers under the direction of Towle. An all-metal wing design (Towle F-2) essentially eliminated ribs and spars with its unique, internal zig-zag pattern of corrugated aluminum as a framework. The covering also was corrugated sheet aluminum. Wings were strut-braced. One WC was built, NX7956.
Priced at $25,000, the WC flying boat was first flown in November 1928. The prototype WC flew as far as Brazil before engine reliability issues forced the cancellation of the round-the-world flight attempt.
The 1930 TA-1 was the first production version of the WC with 150hp Comet engine. The one bult was registered NX5328.
Engines: 2 x Comet, 150hp
Wingspan: 52'0"
Length: 35'0"
Useful load: 11,670 lb
Max speed: 115 mph
Cruise speed: 95 mph Stall: 45 mph
Range: 350 mi
Seats: 6
Engines: 2 x Comet, 150hp

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