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Ultravia Aero Super Pelican


The Super Pelican is a Canadian design built by Ultravia Aero, Repentigny, Quebec. Being similar in appearance to the Piper Cub it is a high wing taildragger monoplane with a semi-enclosed cabin/fuselage powered by 35hp, Global engine. A conventional 3 axis control microlight of aircraft tube and dacron cover.
Engines suitable for the Super Pelican include the Global flat twin four-stroke, 35 hp at 3200 rpm, the three cylinder Konig radial, 25 hp at 4200 rpm, the four cylinder Konig radial, 28 bp at 4200 rpm, or Rotax 277 or 377.

Engine: Global 2 cyl 4 stroke (1039cc), 35 hp
Empty wt: 250 lb (113 kg)
Max wt: 525 lb (238 kg)
Wing span: 35 ft (10.67m)
Max cruise: 65 mph (101kph)
Stall: 27.5 mph
ROC: 950 fpm
TO dist 50 ft: 250 ft
Seats: 1
Range: 422 km



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