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Ultra Sail Aviation Cloud Dancer


US Aviation Cloud Dancer is a single seat low wing monoplane with a V-tail; power comes from a Rotax 277 engine. Centre mounted joy stick, rudder pedals, simultaneous spoilers, tail wheel steerable through rudder pedals.

Empty wt: 252 lbs
Max wt.: 520 lbs
Wing span: 38ft 7in
Wing area: 134 sq.ft
Height: 4ft
Length: 17ft
Wing loading: 3.9 lbs/sq.ft
Power loading: 19.2. lbs/hp
Engine: Rotax 277, 27 hp.
Static thrust: 150 lbs
Max speed: 62 mph
Cruise: 50 mph
Stall: 25 mph
Vne: 70 mph
Seats: 1
Fuel cap; 5 USG
Construction: Aluminium, Dacron, Fibreglass, Foam
Climb rate: 600 fpm @ 40 mph
Design limit: +5, -5g
Glide ratio: 15-1



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