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UFM Easy Riser


The Easy Riser biplane was designed by Larry Mauro and which under the name Icarus II was one of the earliest hang-gliders to be motorised, back in 1975 by John Moody.  A rigid wing tailless biplane flown by supplemental weight-shift. A variety of engines could be fitted, including the 125cc McCulloch 101 go-cart engine, UFM selling the machine as a hang-glider. Control method: Standard tip rudder and weight-shift pitch axis, optional 2 or 3 axis control. First year built 1976. Units delivered by June 1981 2,500. Many options in power and landing gear were available. It is strut and cable braced.




The Easy Riser is a progression from the Icarus II but the wing is a modified monowing with a double surfaced rigid airfoil. Wingtip rudders are mounted on ball bearings and drag brakes are fitted. Wing tips are fully contoured. Wing covering is 1.3oz dacron sealed with aircraft dope.
The spars are made from 6061-T6 aluminium tubing with foam core spruce ribs. Wing bracing is both aluminium struts and cable. All rigging is aircraft grade. All hardware is aircraft grade, fastened with pop rivets and bolts.
The pilot has a tube cockpit support with an optional swing seat.
The Easy Riser won the 1976 World Open Hang Gliding Championships.


The Easy Riser is offered as a hang glider, and engine and landing gear packages to use with this aircraft are offered separately by other companies. Power and landing gear optional. Standard tip rudder and weight-shift pitch axis, optional 2 or 3 axis control.




Easy Riser 1
Wingspan 30’
Wing area 170 sq.ft
Aspect ratio 8.8
Empty weight 55 lbs. (without engine or landing gear)
Gross wt: 350 lbs
Empty wt: 110-150 lbs
Max pilot wt: 200 lbs


Easy Riser
Chord length: 3.41 ft
Wing span: 30 ft
Wing area: 170 sq,ft
Aspect ratio: 8.8
Wing sweep: 15˚
Weight: 50 lb
Pilot weight: 200 lb
Takeoff speed: 17 mph
Stall speed: 16 mph
Max speed: 45 mph
Best glide ratio (L/D): 10-1
Best L/D speed: 18 mph
Min sink: 180 fpm




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