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Turner T-40


The Turner airplane family got started in 1958. First aircraft in the series was the T-40, a sleek, hot little single-seater which won the 1961 Outstanding Design Trophy at the Experimental Aircraft Association Fly-In. Of all-wood construction and featuring a sliding hood canopy, the T-40 was first powered by a 65-hp engine and did without all the frills associated with an electrical system. In this form it cruised at 128 and blitzed along at 145 with the throttle firewalled. Later, an 85-hp package was added. Both Turners feature folding wings.

Engine: Continental, 85 hp
HP range: 60-125
Height: 5.42 ft
Length: 19.75 ft
Wing span: 22.25 ft
Wing area: 78 sq.ft
Weight empty: 750 lbs
Gross: 1060 lbs
Fuel cap: 19 USG
Speed max: 170 mph
Cruise: 145 mph
Range: 525 sm
Stall: 55 mph
ROC: 1100 fpm
Take-off dist: 600 ft
Landing dist: 400 ft
Service ceiling: 12,500 ft
Seats: 1
Landing gear: nose or tail wheel



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