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Troyer Sportplane VX

There are few homebuilts that weigh less than this VW-powered mid-wing model. The Troyer Sportplane weighs only 306 pounds empty. Oddly enough, it has a welded steel tube fuselage and tail assembly. Its wings use spruce spars and ribs built from ¼-inch square spruce, ply gusseted. Steel tubing also forms the flying struts for the wing, but here a little balsa wood does creep in. It is used for fairing. Power is supplied by either the Heath B-4 or a converted VW engine.

Gross Wt. 456 lb
Empty Wt. 306 lb
Fuel capaci-ty 5 USG
Wingspan 23’9”
Length 15’9”
Top speed 95 mph
Cruise 85 mph
Stall 34 mph
Climb rate 600 fpm
Takeoff run 195 ft
Landing roll 150 ft
Range 200 miles



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