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Travel Air 6 / 6000


Travelair A-6000-A NC377M s/n A6A-2003


In 1929, the Travel Air Company under Walter Beech’s direction developed the 6000 (ATC 100, 2-28, 2-167, 2-234, 2-296). An improved version of the 5000, it sold for $12,000.
The Travel 6000 six place cabin monoplane was equipped with a Wright J-5 220 hp engine.
Travel Air 6000B NC8878
The prototype was NX4765 (2-28, superseded by 100).
Travel Air S-6000B NC9914
25 of the 1929 A-6000 were built (ATC 116), priced at $18,000.
Travel Air A-6000A
ATC 2-76 was for eight 7-place conversions, and ATC 2-308 for a 420hp P&W Wasp C version as A-6000-A Special.


Almost all were eventually converted under (2-167, 2-234 and 2-296) to 300hp Wright J-6 as S-6000B.


The 1929 S-6000B, or B-6000 (ATC 130) were six-place with a 300hp Wright J-6 engine. Priced at $13,000 fifty-five were built, including modifications of model 6000. The model evolved into the 6-B and ATC 2-138 was issued for seven-place conversions. ATC 2-153 was for the five-place 6000-B Special, and ATC 2-294 for four-place conversions, with ATC 2-302 for weight adjustments.


The one Model B-6, built in 1925, was a B-2000 with a 160hp Curtiss C-6 engine, and 31'6" modified wing, without elephant-ears.
In 1930 eight Model 6-B were built which were the 6000-B with a 330hp Wright J-6 engine.
Travel Air 6-B


The 1929 SA-6000A (ATC 175) was a six-place pontoon version of the A-6000, priced at $20,000. At least two were built.
Travel Air S-6000D NC677K


Engine: Wright J-6, 330hp
Wingspan: 48'7"
Length: 31'5"
Useful load: 1713 lb
Max speed: 135 mph
Cruise speed: 115 mph
Stall: 66 mph
Range: 575 mi


Engine: 220hp Wright J-5
Wingspan: 48'7"
Length: 30'10"
Useful load: 1670 lb
Max speed: 120 mph
Cruise speed: 102 mph
Stall: 55 mph
Range: 560 mi
Seats: 6
S-6000B / B-6000
Engine: 300hp Wright J-6
Wingspan: 48'7"
Length: 30'10"
Useful load: 1622 lb
Max speed: 130 mph
Cruise speed: 110 mph
Stall: 60 mph
Range: 550 mi
Seats: 4-7
6000-B Special
Engine: P&W Wasp, 450hp
Wingspan: 54'5"
Length: 31'2"
Useful load: 1824 lb
Max speed: 130 mph
Cruise speed: 108 mph
Stall: 65 mph
Range: 540 mi


 Engine: P&W Wasp C, 450hp
 Wingspan: 54'5"
 Length: 31'2"
 Useful load: 2025 lb
 Max speed: 140 mph
 Cruise: 120 mph
 Stall: 60
 Range: 680 mi
 Seats: 6-7
A6000A Special
 Engine: P&W Wasp C, 420hp
 Wingspan: 54'5"
 Length: 31'2"
 Seats: 6


Engine: 160hp Curtiss C-6
Wingspan: 31'6"  




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