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Travel Air 4000 / 4 / 8000 / 9000
Curtiss-Wright CW-14 Speedwing / Sportsman / Osprey


Selling for $7,960, nineteen of the 1929 Travelair 4-D were built (ATC 254) of which two were converted to E-4000. Performance was higher with cowl and wheel pants. Powered by a 220hp Wright J-5, they were also approved for a 240hp Wright J-6 under ATC 2-169 for NC9961 and ATC 2-300 for NC467N.
Travel Air 4-D
One model 4-P / 4-PT was built in 1929, NC419N (ATC 280, 2-160), powered by a 140hp ACE La-1 (Jacobs) engine, it was priced at $6,240.
Travel Air 4-P NC419N
The model 4-S NX469N of 1929 was a 4000 with an experimental Powell motor. Only one was built.
The model 4-U of 1930 (ATC 2-432) were conversions of models 2000 and 4000 to 130-160hp Comet engines by O W Timm Aircraft Co of Glendale CA. Sixteen were converted.
Travel Air 4-U NC5288


Ninety-nine of the 1926 Travel Air 4000 (ATC 32) were built at $9,800, many of which were conversions of older models. Ring cowls and balloon tires marked later versions.
Travel Air 4000 NC2078
Travel Air S-2000 converted to 4000 NC8708


About 25 of the 1920 B-4000 (ATC 146) werebuilt, price at $8,500. They featured a tripodal pneumatic landing gear.
Travel Air B-4000 N8716


The B9-4000 of 1929 (ATC 2-381) was a three seater with a 300hp Wright J-6. Tt least 6, of which some were conversions of earlier 200hp J-5 models, were built.
Travel Air B9-4000
The 1929 BA-4000 was a Model 4000 with a 150hp Axelson engine.
The 1929 BC-4000 (ATC 189) was similar to the C-4000 but with tri-gear. Priced at $6,500, one was built and later mounted on floates as the SBC-4000 NC9821 (ATC 2-154).
The 1929 BE-4000 was the same as the E-4000 but with tripod-braced landing gear, and unbalanced ailerons. Twelve were built.
Travel Air BE-4000 NC696H
In 1930, BF-4000 was the initial designation of the Model 4-D.
Seven of the 1929 BM-4000 (ATC 147) were built. They were the B-4000 with a Wright J-5 engine modified as single place mail carriers.
The 1928 C-4000 (ATC 149) was priced at $6,275. Twenty-two were built, plus seven converted from 2000, and 2 from E-2000. Some were the first of the "Speed Wing" models without elephant-ears. They were powered by a 185hp Curtiss Challenger.
Travel Air C-4000 from A-4000 NC8842
One Model CH, or CH-4000, was built in 1926 as a five place biplane. Four were in the cabin and the pilot sat in an open cockpit. It began the 7000 series.
The SC-4000 could be one of the modified Z-4-D dusters, NR375M.
The 1928 W-4000 (ATC 2-35) was a three-place with a 125hp Warner Scarab engine. The initial production (ATC 2-35) was superseded by ATC 112. Twenty-seven were built, priced at $5,575.


Three Travel Air CW, or CW-4000, were built in 1927. Two with the 200hp Wright J-4 engine, and one with 220hp J-5.
Travel Air CH


The 1930 D-4-D (ATC 2-222) was approval for "Speed Wing" conversions of models 2000, 3000, and 4000 to 240hp Wright R-760 engines. About 10 were cpnverted.
 Travel Air D-4-D


The D-2000 of 1929 were single place 2000 with narrower-fuselage competition modification for Art Goebel, named Chaparral. Five were built, later rebuilt as Model 11.


The 1928 D-3000 was a 3000 with a straight wing used for competition.
 Travel Air D-4000 NC9040
The 1929 D-4000 (ATC 2-84) were 1-3 place "Speed Wing" versions of the J-5 powered 4000. Seventeen were built.


The D-4000 had split axle type landing gear with rubber cord shock absorbers. The wings were all wood spars and ribs, fabric covered. The fuselage, tail surfaces and rudder were welded steel tube, fabric covered. The ailerons were aerodynamically balanced and of wood and metal construction.
The 4000-CAM became the model 8000.
The 1929 D9-4000 was a single place D-4000 with a 300hp Wright J-6 powered competition model for Art Goebel, registered NR481N.
One DC-4000 was built, in 1929, N8843, a "Speed Wing" version of the C-4000.
The 1929 built DW-4000 N6269 was a prototype"Speed Wing" version of the W-4000.
Travel Air DW-4000 N6269
Fifty-nine of the 1929 Travel Air E-4000 (ATC 2-156, later superseded by 188) were built. A few with elephant-ear ailerons on conversions of older models. They sold for $6,425 in 1929 and $5,850 in 1930.
Six of the Model 2000 and 4000 were modified to J4-4000 (ATC 2-243) in 1930, powered by a 200hp Wright J-4.
The K-4000 (205) was built in 1929. Of the seven built, one was converted to model 4-U (NC9963), and one (N8841) was fitted with a "Speed Wing" as model DK-4000. They had sold for $5,000±.
Travel Air K-4000
The Parks Air College repowered at least two of the two place model 4000 225hp Lycoming R-680 engines as flight school planes. Upgraded in 1941, they were dsignayed L-4000 (ATC 2-560).


The 4000-SH became the model 9000.


Travelair 4000


Travel Air entered a specially-modified Model 4000 (designated 4000-T) in the Guggenheim Safe Aircraft Competition of 1930, but it was disqualified. The one converted, NX165V, was equipped with a 300hp Wright J-6 engine, Curtiss-built wings, and floating ailerons. It was later converted to model D-4-D.
One Travel Air 4000 was modified with a Ranger engine as Frank Tallman's "Wichita Fokker" for film work.
Frank Tallman's Travel Air 4000 modified with Ranger engine.
The 1930 V-4000 was a model 4000 with a 180-200hp Velie engine.
One D-4000 was competition-modified in 1930 as the single-place W-4-B NR6129. Designed by Ted Wells, it was fully cowled and featured flaps and wing slots and I-struts. Refered to as the Ted Wells Special, it was destroyed in a crash on 10 September 1930.
Two Z-4-D were built in 1930, N410N and NR375M, based on the 4-D, as crop dusters with 300hp Wright J-6 engines. One was possibly exported.


Following Travel Air Manufacturing Company purchase in August 1929 by Curtiss-Wright, the Model 4000 continued in production into the early 1930s as the CW-14, and the range was expanded to include a military derivative dubbed the Osprey.
Curtiss-Wright Osprey Whirlwind engine


The Curtiss-Wright CW-13 designation was not used and the next was the CW-14, developed on the basis of Travel Air 4000/4 - it was first designated Speedwing, but later renamed Sportsman. The name Osprey was given a two-seater military model designed for export.
The CW-B14B Speedwing Deluxe (2 manufactured) had a 300hp Whirlwind J-6-9 (R-975E) engine (224 kW), and the single CW-B14R Special Speedwing Deluxe was powered with a 420-hp turbocharged SR-975E engine (313 kW).
The military CW-C14B Osprey was powered with a 300 hp R-975E engine (224 kW). This was fitted with bomb racks, a fixed, forward-firing machine gun, and a trainable tail gun. These aircraft were supplied to Bolivia and used during the 1933 Gran Chaco War with Paraguay, which eventually led to Curtiss-Wright's successful prosecution for supplying these aircraft in violation of a U.S. arms embargo. The rugged, reliable Ospreys were the preferred mounts of the Bolivian pilots—of several competing aircraft supplied. The resulting heavy use led to high losses—half of the original 12 units being lost in accidents or action, another five or so were employed, though precise outcomes are unclear, owing in part to repairs on some of the "lost" aircraft, which were returned to service. However, the action brought favorable publicity and credibility to Curtiss-Wright aircraft.
The only CW-14C prototype was powered by a 185 hp Curtiss Challenger engine (138 kW), followed by the CW-A14D (5 produced) with a Wright Whirlwind J-6-7 (R-760E) engine of 240 hp (179 kW).
The CW-C14R was similar to the CW-C14B, but with the J-6-9 engine. Colombia operated three CW-C14R Osprey from 1932, Ecuador purchased two CW-14Rs in 1931, and Venezuela purchased three CW-14Rs in 1932.
Three 1928 Travel Air 8000 (ATC 37) were built, including N3562 (later converted to Model B) and NC5091. Price at $5,000 an alternate designation was 4000-CAM.
Travel Air 8000 N3562
Four or five 1928 Travel Air 9000 (ATC 38) were built, priced at $5,000, converted from model 3000 and model 4000. An alternate designation was 4000-SH.

Travel Air 9000 N3791

Travel Air 4000
Engine: Wright J-5, 220-hp (164-kW)
Wingspan: 34'8"
Length: 23'6"
Useful load: 762 lb
Max speed: 130 mph
Cruise speed: 110 mph
Stall: 45 mph
Range: 525 mi

Seats: 3

1929 (ATC 148)
Engine: Axelson (Floco), 120-150-hp (112-kW)
Wingspan: 34'8"
Length: 24'6"
Useful load: 995 lb
Max speed: 108 mph
Cruise: 92 mph
Stall: 47 mph
Range: 550 mi
Seats: 3
Price: $5,750-6,240
No built: 9
Engine: Wright J-5, 220-hp (164-kW)
Wingspan: 33'0"
Length: 23'4"
Useful load: 1007 lb
Max speed: 128 mph
Cruise speed: 110 mph
Stal: 52 mph

Range: 530 mi

BC-4000 / SBC-4000
Engine: Curtiss Challenger, 185hp
Wingspan: 33'0"
Length: 24'6"
Useful load: 1007 lb
Max speed: 124 mph
Cruise speed: 105 mph
Stall: 48 mph
Range: 630 mi
Seats: 3

SBC-4000 float conversion

Engine: Wright J-6, 300hp
Seats: 3
Engine: 150hp Axelson


Engine: Wright J-6-9, 300-hp (224-kW)
Engine: Curtiss Challenger, 170-hp (127-kW)
Wingspan: 33'0"
Length: 24'6"
Useful load: 1007 lb
Max speed: 124 mph
Cruise: 105 mph
Stall: 48 mph
Range: 630 mi
Seats: 3

CH / CH-4000
Engine: 180hp Hisso E
Seats: 5
CW / CW-4000
Engine: 200hp Wright J-4 or 220hp Wright J-5
Seats: 5
Engine; 220hp Wright J-5
Wingspan: 33'0"
Length: 23'4"
Useful load: 1043 lb
Max speed: 130 mph
Cruise speed: 110 mph
Stall: 52 mph
Range: 520 mi
Seats: 3
4-P / 4-PT
Engine: 140hp ACE La-1 (Jacobs)
Wingspan: 33'0"
Length: 24'6"
Useful load: 857 lb
Max speed: 115 mph
Cruise speed: 97 mph
Stall: 45
Range: 485 mi
Seats: 3
Conversions of 2000 and 4000
Engine: 130-160hp Comet
Engine: Wright J-5 Whirlwind, 225 hp
Cruise: 110 mph
Engine: 240hp Wright R-760
K-4000 fitted with "Speed Wing"
Engine: 100hp Kinner B-5
Seats: 3
No built: 1 - N8841
Engine: Wright J-6, 165hp
Wingspan: 33'0"
Length: 24'1"
Useful load: 1007 lb
Max speed: 120 mph
Cruise speed: 103 mph
Stall: 48 mph
Range: 650 mi
Seats: 3
Engine: 200hp Wright J-4
Seats: 3
No built: 6
Engine: Kinner B5, 100-hp (75-kW)
Wingspan: 33'0"
Length: 24'8"
Useful load: 940 lb
Max speed: 100 mph
Cruise speed: 88 mph
Stall: 43 mph
Range: 425 mi
Seats: 3
ATC 2-560
Engine: 225hp Lycoming R-680
Seats: 2
floatplane version
Engine: Warner Scarab, 110-hp (82-kW)
Wingspan: 34'8"
Length: 24'8"
Useful load: 906 lb
Max speed: 108 mph
Cruise speed: 93 mph
Stall: 43 mph
Range: 500+ mi
Wingspan: 23'8"
Length: 20'2"
Seats: 1
Engine: 300hp Wright J-6


Travel Air 8000 / 4000-CAM
Engine: Fairchild-Caminez 447, 120-hp (89-kW)
Wingspan: 34'8"
Length: 24'4"
Useful load: 825 lb
Max speed: 110 mph
Cruise speed: 92 mph
Stall: 42 mph
Range: 500+ mi
Seats: 3
Travel Air 9000 / 4000-SH
Engine: Ryan-Siemens, 125-hp (93-kW)
Wingspan: 34'8"
Length: 28'8"
Useful load: 825 lb
Max speed: 112 mph
Cruise speed: 92 mph
Stall: 43 mph
Range: 450 mi
Seats: 3
CW-14C Sportsman
Engine: Curtiss Challenger, 185 hp (138 kW)
1 built
CW-A14D Deluxe Sportsman
Engine: Wright J-6-7 (R-760), 240 hp (180 kW)
Wing span: 9.44 m / 30 ft 12 in
Wing Area: 23,0 m² / 248 ft²
Length: 7.17 m / 23 ft 6 in
Height: 2.78 m / 9 ft 1 in
Empty Weight: 804 kg / 1773 lb
MTOW: 1302 kg / 2870 lb
Maximum speed: 249 km / h
Cruising speed: 208 km / h
Range: 966 km / 522 nm / 601 mi.
Ceiling: 4877 m / 16.010 ft
Seats: 3
5 built
NACA cowling
CW-B14B Speedwing Deluxe
Engine: Wright J-6-9, 300 hp (220 kW)
2 built
CW-B14R Special Speedwing Deluxe
Single-seat racer built for Casey Lambert
Engine: supercharged Wright R-975
1 built
CW-C14B Osprey
militarized version
Engine: Wright R-975E
CW-C14R Osprey
militarized version
Engine: Wright J-6-9
CW-17R Pursuit Osprey
CW-B14B with uprated engine; possibly not built






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