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Travel Air 4000 / 4

Selling for $7,960, nineteen of the 1929 Travelair 4-D were built (ATC 254) of which two were converted to E-4000. Performance was higher with cowl and wheel pants. Powered by a 220hp Wright J-5, they were also approved for a 240hp Wright J-6 under ATC 2-169 for NC9961 and ATC 2-300 for NC467N.
Travel Air 4-D
One model 4-P / 4-PT was built in 1929, NC419N (ATC 280, 2-160), powered by a 140hp ACE La-1 (Jacobs) engine, it was priced at $6,240.
Travel Air 4-P NC419N
The model 4-S NX469N of 1929 was a 4000 with an experimental Powell motor. Only one was built.
The model 4-U of 1930 (ATC 2-432) were conversions of models 2000 and 4000 to 130-160hp Comet engines by O W Timm Aircraft Co of Glendale CA. Sixteen were converted.
Travel Air 4-U NC5288

The D-4000 had split axle type landing gear with rubber cord shock absorbers. The wings were all wood spars and ribs, fabric covered. The fuselage, tail surfaces and rudder were welded steel tube, fabric covered. The ailerons were aerodynamically balanced and of wood and metal construction.


Travelair 4000


Engine; 220hp Wright J-5
Wingspan: 33'0"
Length: 23'4"
Useful load: 1043 lb
Max speed: 130 mph
Cruise speed: 110 mph
Stall: 52 mph
Range: 520 mi
Seats: 3
4-P / 4-PT
Engine: 140hp ACE La-1 (Jacobs)
Wingspan: 33'0"
Length: 24'6"
Useful load: 857 lb
Max speed: 115 mph
Cruise speed: 97 mph
Stall: 45
Range: 485 mi
Seats: 3
Conversions of 2000 and 4000
Engine: 130-160hp Comet


Engine: Wright J-5 Whirlwind, 225 hp
Cruise: 110 mph

E 4000





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